Our upload facility is currently not available, however please simply email us your files here or call us to arrange your job.

Preferred files for printing

We can accept most file types and have a wide range of software. However there are a few things you can do to ensure that your documents are printed correctly.

PDFs are our most prefered file format. They avoid font conflicts and other formatting changes that can occur when native files are transfered from your system to ours. If you do not have the ability to create PDFs there are many free downloadable software packages such as CutePDF that will to let you create PDFs by choosing PDF from your print menu.

Paper sizes

The standard paper size is A4 (210x297mm). Many software programs default to Letter or some other size. Make sure your file is set on A4 before you create a PDF.


If your document is going to have colour printed right to the edge it is important that you follow the above guidelines. Also if possible please include an addition 5 -10mm bleed and crop marks in your PDF.